Five Things About Me

I am taking part in Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop this week I choose prompt #4

4. Five Things. List 5 things we don’t know about you, 5 things you’re knowledgeable about, 5 things you know nothing about, and 5 things you believe.


Mrs G

List 5 things we don’t know about you

1- I will go without so my kids can have things. Even things they do not really need.

2- I have a tendency to pull away from people who hurt me over and over. Once we are done, we are done.

3- I married young and do not regret it. I also had children young and do not regret that.

4- I have lived in poverty just about my whole life from that I have learned to make do and be creative with what I have.

5- I dislike making cookies it is too repetitive for my liking.


5 things you’re knowledgeable about

1- Making bread.

2- Sewing

3- Cleaning and organizing on a budget.

4- Finding fun things to do for free.

5- Raising children.

5 things you know nothing about

1- Driving

2- Having a job outside the home.

3- Often keeping my mouth shut LOL.

4- Electrical work (I leave that to the professionals)

5- Plumbing beyond Draino or a plunger.

5 things you believe

1- Karma you get just what you give.

2- Never pay full price.

3- That children will become who they choose to become regardless of your parenting.

4- That just because someone is related it does not make them family.

5- In God.


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One thought on “Five Things About Me

  1. Jobs outside the home scare me at this point. Don’t make me leaveeee! I would drive you crazy with my lack of coupon/savings knowledge. That is definitely something I could and SHOULD learn more about!

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