Chicken and Rice Dinner with Homemade Bread

When money is slim we tend to fall back on cheap meals that are stick to your ribs filling that does not break the bank. This Chicken and Rice Dinner with Bread is just that sort of meal. I am going to assume you have a pantry with things like flour and margarine and little things like that. So the meal out of pocket came to $6.00 for six adults/teens plus a toddler sized portion that she promptly took two bites of and fed to the dogs….

How I feel six adults dinner for six dollars with this frugal meal.

Cost Break Down

Chicken Breast we bought a two pack at Save A Lot yesterday on sale two large breasts for $4.21 We are using 1 tonight so

Chicken $2.11

2 boxes Rice A Roni Pilaf Flavor

2 Rice $2.00

Broccoli 1 steam fresh bag from Target

Broccoli 1.00

My guess to make the bread it cost well under $1.00 but we will toss it out as that much just to keep things real.

Bread Ingredients $1.00

Total $6.11


Make rice according to the package instructions.

Cube chicken into 1/2 inch cubes and cook in a small amount of margarine until just browned and cooked through.

Microwave broccoli according to package directions.

Once everything is done dump it in with the rice and stir it together and serve,


You can vary this meal with whatever type of rice you like, meat or veggies. The possibilities are endless.

Bread helps make this meal more hearty. You could purchase it or easily make it at home. I make mine with a bread machine on nights I realize I would like some but it is too late to fuss with the mixer and rising cycles. My machine has a 58-minute cycle it comes in handy when I need a loaf fast.

Homemade bread

Come back tomorrow and I show you how I make bread in my speedy bread maker.


What is your favorite frugal meal?





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