Color Easter Eggs With What You Have In Your Cabinets!

Did you by chance forget that egg dye kit to color Easter eggs?

No problem!

How to dye Easter Eggs with no egg dye kit.

I bet you have everything you need right in your kitchen cabinets to dye beautiful vibrant or pastel eggs. Water? White vinegar? Food Dye? Good! Let’s go then!

Hard Boiled Eggs cooked and cooled.

For each color you make you will need:

1/2 cup boiling water
1 Teaspoon white vinegar
20 or more drops of liquid food dye

** We used twenty drops you could use more for a more vibrant color. With twenty drops there was less staining on Little Miss Toddlers hands.

Coloring eggs for easter

So in a coffee mug or container of your choice add the boiling water, vinegar and food coloring color(s) of your choice.
To color, the eggs just place the eggs in your egg dye and let them soak. Shorter times result in pastel colors and longer times will result in vibrant colors.

Easter eggs

We had never done them without a kit but I feel like I could control how much staining Little Miss Toddler would have on her hands by making it myself. What little staining there was washed right of in the bath.

Happy Easter from all of us at Mrs. G’s Living Simple

Dying Easter eggs

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The Practical Guide to Deep Cleaning Your Bathroom

I’ve got boys & men, a toddler and I have a wonderful greasy backyard mechanic. I have a bathroom full of hand prints, toothpaste crusted in my sink, pee on the floor and a sink that is oddly painted with applesauce? Applesauce? Tell me…How does that even happen?

Clean your bathroom faster with these tips and find out what nasty thing is lurking in your bathroom that almost never gets cleaned.

There are Amazon affiliate links in this post. They give me a bit of pocket change if you should happen to make a purchase at no extra cost to you.

Guess what I have for you. No silly, not a maid and If I did first dibs is mine! I have a bunch of tips just for YOU I have used over the years for cleaning my bathroom quickly. In fact, I  have something for you to clean you may not have thought of and let me tell you, hun, It is GROSS all up in there! It’s the Nasty Little Secret of the bathroom!

Ladies let me tell you…


We have the sickness happening up in this house.

My hubby and Little Miss are having such tummy issues and it is quickly spreading. My best defense? A clean bathroom and perhaps a hazmat suit for me! I hate tummy viruses. Am I sure you can relate? Right?

What do I clean MY bathroom with?

For a deeper cleaning like this one, I tend to use more chemical things. Bleach, Kaboom, Vinegar, Comet or Baking Soda and Glass Plus are my go-to products. If you go homemade, green, whatever works that is great! Do your lil thing with yours. I’m flexible like that. You be all green and earthy and I am just over here all toxic and such. We can still be BFFs and like different things!

I also use homemade cleaners and earth-friendly if they are on sale.

Jenn’s Guide to a Sparkling CLEAN Bathroom

1- Trash, Laundry, Toys, the Dog, Neighbor Kid, the spoon, and bowl? If it does not belong in the bathroom get it out of there!

When you go in there look around. If things are there that do not belong remove them, place them back where they go toss it you know the drill. Empty the trash, the hamper, pick things up and get rid of any old razors, and product containers. It will make the cleaning go way faster.

2- Clutter? Girl, get rid of that clutter

Are we cleaning around clutter? That is a huge no-no. If you have a counter the only things that should be out on the counter are things that MUST live there. If you have to keep things out please contain them in pretty little bins, baskets or trays it will honestly make this all go so much faster for you. That way you can remove the whole group of things. make sense?

3- Get On Top. Clean from top to bottom that is. Hmmm 😉

I always start at the highest point to knock all the nasty dust down. I also Always clean my way out of the room. Is that what you do? You should because otherwise you are making things harder and that doesn’t leave time for more fun things like say, cleaning the kitchen LOL.


4- Mirror Mirror on the Wall You’re The Highest Point of All.

Spray your mirror down, and if the sink and other areas are not all that dirty counters, sink outer toilet parts but skip the seat. Spray them as well. Let the spray SIT!

5. Start filling your tub with hot water (Please use caution if your little ones are around. ) I pour in bleach; a big splash of it. Not comfortable with bleach? That’s fine you can use a big glug of vinegar or whatever you like. While the tub is filling I have a quick to do for you.

6- While your tub fills we are going to remove the toilet seat. I have faith in you. It is pretty easy. Mine is just plastic screws and nuts. A big flat head screwdriver does the trick. Once the seat is off…Yup, Gross isn’t it? If you have little boys or grown men with terrible aim you see it. There is PEE under the hinges! Oh, My Word! So Nasty! Now that the seat is off put it in the tub of bleach and hot water let that sucker soak. Not that I needed to tell you but wipe around where the hinges were and under as well. I told you I had a Nasty little Secret!

Bath tub cleaning tips

7-It’s Potty Time!

Pour some Vinegar into the toilet and a drop of dish soap if you like and yes, I do like then you just let that sit. Seeing a trend here?

Let you cleaner do its work.

Now wipe down that mirror and any other surfaces you sprayed. If the sink didn’t come clean sprinkle it with Comet or whatever cleaner you use for your sink and scrub it out. sometimes I use just baking soda. That works great too.

8- Let’s Make That Toilet Sparkle and Let’s deal With the Tub and Tile

Scrub your toilet out with your toilet brush well and get under the rim of the toilet. It gets super gross under there. Flush, scrub again then flush once more.

Drain the tub, wipe down the toilet seat and replace it. At this point Rinse the tub and spray the tub and tiles with Kaboom. (I rinse as to not mix chemicals. I HIGHLY suggest you do the same)

**A little information here for you. I use this stuff around three times a week. It has cut way down on the need to scrub anything. You just have to START with a clean tub or shower. This stuff is AWESOME. Make sure though the room is ventilated. I run the fan and open a window.

9- Get Ready, Start your Floor!

While the Kaboom or shower cleaner of your choice is doing its work sweep the floor.

10-  You Have To Maintain. I mean Honestly isn’t the Scrubbing the Worst part of Cleaning the Bathroom?

Rinse down the shower walls and tub. Listen, I highly recommend the maintaining as opposed to having to scrub all this. It cuts way down on work that is not really needed. I simply spray on Sunday, Wednesday, and Fridays after I step out of the shower, Get dressed and rinsed. It makes it so much more simple and I LOVE simple.

**According to Bob Vila and I love him such a smart guy. You can make a daily shower spray with equal parts water and vinegar and if you hate the smell add a few drops of Lemon essential oils to it to give it a nicer smell. No rinsing just spray it on nightly and walk away.

11- Last step. Ready? Swab the Deck well the  Floor!

You may not like this but I have a small bathroom. In a far back corner, I pour out about a 1/2 cup of vinegar directly on my floor and with my rag, on hands and knees I scrub down the floor As I get to the toilet I pour a bit more and just scrub my way out. Yes, it smells strong but the smell dissipates and it certainly smells better than what was living on my floor and possibly yours.

12- One Last Thing

With a nice clean rag spray some cleaner on the doorknob and wipe it off on the way out.

Tips for a cleaner bathroom

Done & Done!

You know what? We really rock at this cleaning thing, don’t we?

Guess what!!!

My skills are not perfect. My cleaner choices maybe are not the best. Maybe YOU know of a great homemade cleaner or a way to do something that is faster. Perhaps you have a question or you want to tell me this post was LIFE CHANGING for you or at least helped you a little. What I would LOVE for you to do is leave me a comment and if you want me to feel the love even more…share my little post with your other friends and other Mama’s you know! Thanks, Doll <3


A big thank you to for the wonderful bathroom images.

and for the idea on the DIY tub and tile spray.

Broke as a Joke ? 30 Meal Ideas For the Times When Cash is Low

Times can be hard. So we have meal ideas from our kitchen and from those of our group members for when you are broke as a joke but still, need to eat. 

Be sure to come Check out Mrs. G’s Cooking Corner for more meal ideas

Cheap meal ideas for when you are broke

  1. Chicken Corn Chowder
  2. Salisbury Steak over potatoes or rice
  3. Spaghetti and meat sauce with bread
  4. Canned beef stew over rice or potatoes
  5. Eggs and toast
  6. Mac n Cheese with Tuna and Peas
  7. Mac n Cheese with hamburger
  8. Beef flavored rice with hamburger mixed in and a veggie on the side or mixed in.
  9. Chicken flavored rice with chicken mixed in and a veggie added in.
  10. Pancakes
  11. Tuna Noodle Casserole
  12. Hamburger Helper
  13. Raman and hotdogs’
  14. Beans and Hotdogs
  15. Cheap Sandwiches like Bologna, PB & J, Tuna Salad, Grilled cheese and add cheap canned soup.
  16. Beans and Rice
  17. Chop Suey
  18. Baked chicken drumsticks and potatoes with a veggie.
  19. BLTs
  20. Loaded baked potatoes add small amounts of cheese, meats or whatever you have on hand.
  21. Chili and cornbread
  22. English Muffin Pizzas
  23. Corn Dogs
  24. Frozen Pizza
  25. Tuna melts
  26. French Toast
  27. Tator Tot Casserole
  28. Easy Hamburger Soup

29. Chicken Nuggets and fries.

30. Cereal and fruit

What are your go-to meals when cash is tight?


Chicken and Rice Dinner with Homemade Bread

When money is slim we tend to fall back on cheap meals that are stick to your ribs filling that does not break the bank. This Chicken and Rice Dinner with Bread is just that sort of meal. I am going to assume you have a pantry with things like flour and margarine and little things like that. So the meal out of pocket came to $6.00 for six adults/teens plus a toddler sized portion that she promptly took two bites of and fed to the dogs….

How I feel six adults dinner for six dollars with this frugal meal.

Cost Break Down

Chicken Breast we bought a two pack at Save A Lot yesterday on sale two large breasts for $4.21 We are using 1 tonight so

Chicken $2.11

2 boxes Rice A Roni Pilaf Flavor

2 Rice $2.00

Broccoli 1 steam fresh bag from Target

Broccoli 1.00

My guess to make the bread it cost well under $1.00 but we will toss it out as that much just to keep things real.

Bread Ingredients $1.00

Total $6.11


Make rice according to the package instructions.

Cube chicken into 1/2 inch cubes and cook in a small amount of margarine until just browned and cooked through.

Microwave broccoli according to package directions.

Once everything is done dump it in with the rice and stir it together and serve,


You can vary this meal with whatever type of rice you like, meat or veggies. The possibilities are endless.

Bread helps make this meal more hearty. You could purchase it or easily make it at home. I make mine with a bread machine on nights I realize I would like some but it is too late to fuss with the mixer and rising cycles. My machine has a 58-minute cycle it comes in handy when I need a loaf fast.

Homemade bread

Come back tomorrow and I show you how I make bread in my speedy bread maker.


What is your favorite frugal meal?





Alligator Cake Pull Apart Cupcake Design

Let me say I love these pull apart cupcake cakes.

So easy to make and no playing around flipping cakes out of pans to tear them up before you even start. Can you guess this happens to me a lot?

This alligator cake was super simple and I put my own little spin on it.

I had leftover cupcakes so I just placed them around and decorated them separately. There is no need to do that it is just what I choose to do. Fish on them would have been cute. But more time-consuming

alligator cupcake pull apart cake.

This alligator cupcake pull apart cake was made the morning of the party so it has to be easy!

When I said I wanted to keep it simple I really did mean that. What you see is a couple boxed cake mixes and about five cans of frosting. One thing I would have done differently was to have added about a 1/4 of a cup powdered sugar just to stiffen the frosting slightly as it was hot and pretty loose. Poor alligator his snout got a bit droopy LOL. Oh and I should add that I did add food coloring gels to the vanilla frosting.

Alligator homemade Birthday cake

I have one other reason I like these pull apart cakes. They are so much easier to serve just grab and go. So they are perfect for a large crowd. Not to mention this alligator cake was pretty unique and caught my guests by surprise. he made a nice little conversation piece.

I did not come up with this idea on my own, however. I found it on Pinterest and it lead me here

Alligators and cupcakes how you can impress your guests with this super simple cupcake based pull apart cake.

Do you make your own cakes? What is the most unique or creative cake you have made feel free to link to it!

I am sure that for me this alligator cake takes the cake on that one!


15 Cleaning Tips To Steal From Homemakers

I know cleaning is the last way you want to spend this beautiful day but it must be done. I am going to share with you cleaning tips that as a homemaker for27-years I live by.


Cleaning tips that will keep you on track and cleaning like a professional!

1-  Clean top to bottom and out of the room.

This way the dust, dirt, and crumbs get knocked down and you are not recleaning what you have already done. Make sense? It sure does!

2-  Let spray on cleaners have time to work.

Spray it on and walk away. Do some other task and then come back and wipe it and the grime away with little to no elbow grease. Why work harder than you need to?

3- Make decluttering a priority.

People who spend time cleaning around a cluttered mess baffle me. Get rid of it. Cleaning will be faster and far more effective. Clutter looks messy. Do you self a favor… put it away, throw it away, gift or donate it.

4-  Get your self a Laundry basket.

Instead of running from room to room use a laundry basket to gather up things that do not belong and put them away once you are working in those rooms. This will keep you on track and save a ton of time.


5- Use multitasking cleaners.

I admit it I am a glass cleaner girl. Not really the best choice but for quick cleaning of the counters, stove top windows or walls I think it is great. You can even make your own DIY Cleaners here.


6- Microfiber for dusting is a must!

Microfiber cloths are a must have for dusting.

This is such a time saver. Microfiber cloth is a  dust picker-upper. I love them! It not only wipes the dust up but the cloth picks it up and holds it right onto the cloth! No more just pushing it around!

7- Everything should have its own place.

Every time you purchase something you should know exactly where its home will be. If there is no room then delay the purchase or plan to purge some things.

8- Remove distractions.

My biggest problem as a homemaker is distractions. Turn off the phone, stop checking the computer and just get things done. The reward at the ned can be some free time for all those things.

9- Maintain each day.

So many of my fellow homemakers will save laundry for a day or two a week and just be swamped on those days? Or they will see a spill and think “Oh I can just get that when I wash the floor.” You are making things harder ladies. Clean a bit each day. Wipe up spills, pick up as you go. Do a load or two of wash a day.

10- Do not do it all alone.

Get those children helping with chores too!

Listen, just because the home is your job does not mean everyone gets off scott free give those kiddos some chores. It makes them into nice sweet, helpful, productive little citizens. To not give them chores would be an injustice.


 As a homemaker what cleaning tips or tricks do you do to stay on track or make cleaning more simple? I would love to hear your ideas in the comments below.