15 Cleaning Tips To Steal From Homemakers

I know cleaning is the last way you want to spend this beautiful day but it must be done. I am going to share with you cleaning tips that as a homemaker for27-years I live by.


Cleaning tips that will keep you on track and cleaning like a professional!

1-  Clean top to bottom and out of the room.

This way the dust, dirt, and crumbs get knocked down and you are not recleaning what you have already done. Make sense? It sure does!

2-  Let spray on cleaners have time to work.

Spray it on and walk away. Do some other task and then come back and wipe it and the grime away with little to no elbow grease. Why work harder than you need to?

3- Make decluttering a priority.

People who spend time cleaning around a cluttered mess baffle me. Get rid of it. Cleaning will be faster and far more effective. Clutter looks messy. Do you self a favor… put it away, throw it away, gift or donate it.

4-  Get your self a Laundry basket.

Instead of running from room to room use a laundry basket to gather up things that do not belong and put them away once you are working in those rooms. This will keep you on track and save a ton of time.


5- Use multitasking cleaners.

I admit it I am a glass cleaner girl. Not really the best choice but for quick cleaning of the counters, stove top windows or walls I think it is great. You can even make your own DIY Cleaners here.


6- Microfiber for dusting is a must!

Microfiber cloths are a must have for dusting.

This is such a time saver. Microfiber cloth is a  dust picker-upper. I love them! It not only wipes the dust up but the cloth picks it up and holds it right onto the cloth! No more just pushing it around!

7- Everything should have its own place.

Every time you purchase something you should know exactly where its home will be. If there is no room then delay the purchase or plan to purge some things.

8- Remove distractions.

My biggest problem as a homemaker is distractions. Turn off the phone, stop checking the computer and just get things done. The reward at the ned can be some free time for all those things.

9- Maintain each day.

So many of my fellow homemakers will save laundry for a day or two a week and just be swamped on those days? Or they will see a spill and think “Oh I can just get that when I wash the floor.” You are making things harder ladies. Clean a bit each day. Wipe up spills, pick up as you go. Do a load or two of wash a day.

10- Do not do it all alone.

Get those children helping with chores too!

Listen, just because the home is your job does not mean everyone gets off scott free give those kiddos some chores. It makes them into nice sweet, helpful, productive little citizens. To not give them chores would be an injustice.


 As a homemaker what cleaning tips or tricks do you do to stay on track or make cleaning more simple? I would love to hear your ideas in the comments below.


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